Arknoa Houseboat
Westerdok 11, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Arknoa: private houseboat offers 2 private rooms, on the sunny side, with waterfront view over broad and active canal during the daytime and peacefull at night:

- A 2-3-bed-private, the Elephant room with private entrance, for 2 or 3 guests (3rd person upon request will pay 25 eur per night on arrival at the houseboat).

- a very small double-bed-private, the Nest room which can be locked. See description below.

Linen, towels & soaps are provided.

Both rooms with waterfront view are equiped with (secure wifi: sstp), internet 'plug-ins' for your labtops.

To secure your booking with Arknoa, please make an upfront payment of your first night thru (cheap transfer fees)..

Check-in is after 16:oo. On thursdays and fridays, innkeeper is away in between 17:00 and 21:15. Best is to arrive on these days in between 16:oo and 17.00 or later after 21:15.

Check-out is always at 11am.

Key deposit is e50.- p.p. for both rooms.

Deposit will be returned when rooms and bathroom/cups and dishes/ are left tidy and clean behind and when garbage has been removed, key is returned and no stains are found on sheets and mattress as these are not protected with 'plastic under-sheets'... Please ask for extra protection of sheets and mattress, if needs be!...

If you are going to arrive late, due to unexpected circomstances, please phone in and please do not email, as Computer is usually switched off at this time!

Baggage cannot be parked at the houseboat for the afternoon at departure time 11a.m., but Central Station offers parking space for luggage at the Eastern side of the Station.

(Up to 5 guests can book at Arknoa, if they book the 2 rooms/but please first check for availability in the other 2nd room.)

Please note that the special houseboat toilet at the houseboat is manned by a pomp and will cause you great problems if 'others' than toilet paper goes down the drain!

1. The Elephant room, a large 'deluxe 3 bed private' with private entrance.This 3-bed private can be booked by a couple or by 2 persons wishing 2 individual beds, which then counts as a 3p booking, or by 3 persons. Please let the house know with how many persons you will be arriving! A third person pays an extra of 25EUR per night on arrival at the houseboat.

Price: Note that the Dutch tourist tax of 5,5% is not included in the price and this also can be settled on arrival.

- Please see to it that you have the right amount in cash as Arknoa does not accept payment through Master or visa cards.

The Elephant room faces the afternoon sun, the canal and 8 grand beautiful trees on the other side of the canal. It is comfortable, attractive, spacey, with books available in the room.

- There are 4 windows, a fridge, T & coffee making possibilities, a radio, a private entrance, 'internet plug-in', and a narrow terrasse on the canal side where a rowing boat is parked for you to enjoy safely the feel of the water. There is 1 king size double bed & 1 comfortable couch bed (2m.L).This room is situated at the far end of the houseboat with shared bathroom/shower just down the hall next to the smaller Nest room (2p.) and the innkeeper's studio.

Showers in Elephant room are taken after 10am in the morning as there is only one shared bathroom and wc on the boat!

2. The 'Nest room', a 'basic double bed private''.

A second very small room with one mezzanine double bed, for 1 or 2 persons, preferably one couple, adjacent the 'Elephant room' and the bathroom. This is a good address for a few nights in Amsterdam, due to location and waterfront view! (Asides 'Innkeeper Rose', only 2 or 3 guests are residing on the boat, variously).

Showers for this room are taken preferably later in the day due to other guests occupying the 'Elephant room'.
This 'basic double private' is exclusive 5.5% Dutch tourist tax and will be added to 'balance due' and settled on arriving at the houseboat.
Please see to it that you have the right amount in cash as Arknoa does not accept payment through Master or visa cards.

Arknoa is close to the supermarket, the Jordaan district, the Ann Frank house & the streetmarkets on saturdays and mondays. It is also close to the Westerpark and the farm there with veg . meals; a.o. (Telephone Farm for meal reservations which are served from 18:oo - 20:oo). Live music there on wednesdays and fridays!

Arknoa offers its guests a safe, peaceful and refreshing place to relax in. So welcome to your floating room on the waters and to a good night's sleep!

Innkeeper, Rose Noa.

- For last minute bookings be sure to phone Rose a.s.a.p. (Please do not email as PC is usually switched off at this time!).

If innkeeper (the only one living at arknoa) is at a class, her mobile phone will be switched off untill the end of the class, which last's max. only 2 hours!

See also for ferry boat trips to interesting locations &/or restaurants and to the dutch beach ! (this flying ferry to the beach, ijmuiden, cost's e5.- (+/-) one way/ bus to beach 10 min./ walk down the beach to zandvort -3hrs-/return by train to Amsterdam!...).

Pour votre bonne information, Rose Noa speaks le francais et un peu d'espagnol.



Houseboat Arknoa is a 9 minutes walk West from Central Station, exiting the Station on the Northern side and not the town side. Exit the station and turn left... follow road till corner-bend where you can see SQUASH written on a building in the West, where the sun sets. Then you are very close. From there go to 'Moon bridge'

(Moonbridge is nick name of Han Lammer brug/bridge) and see blue lights in window of the houseboat. (Second boat to the left from the top of 'Moonbridge'.

Adinoah sends guests a map of directions to their email address. Please print this map (printing wizard 4x6in.cropped to fit) to find your way to the houseboat.

Or print the following description of your journey to the houseboat:

At Schiphol airport, you will find the train for Amsterdam Central Station in the underground. The train takes about 35 minutes to reach Amsterdam and you have to first buy your train tickets.

It is a short walk from Amsterdam Railway Station

to the houseboat (9 min.)

Exit the station on the northern side (not the town side)

and turn left.

Follow the main road passing the busy ferries parked on your right/ Keep following the main road direction West,

(where the sun sets)/ passing the large bicycle stand on your right/ Pass bye the elegant and tall boat 'Prince of Orange' on your right/ ...Cross over then to the left side of the main road when convenient/ Passing then next the 'Kamer van Koophandel' (Chamber of Commerce) on your left/ Still on the main road, continue to the coming old bridge on an angle on your right/ Here keep on the left side of the road/ follow the bend,

and the railroad track (do not follow the road that crosses the old bridge) but look for a second modern bridge just behind the old bridge on an angle, 'MOONbridge' (all lit up at night), (the only aluminum bridge in Europe) / and cross this modern bridge. Arknoa seen from the top of Moonbridge is the second houseboat to the left. Having arrived on the other side, count then 4 street lamps and take the 6 steps down to the wooden jetty.

Arknoa is right at the end of this jetty opposite the railroad track and opposite SQUASH CITY.

On top of Moonbridge you can see the houseboat, the second houseboat to your left, (in the middle of the canal +/-) / With little blue lights in the window that faces the railroad track, ... This means the captain is awaiting you...